Select a field of study in order to see lists of conditionally accepted candidates for that particular field

NOTICE: Admission Board members do not work on weekends.

The lists consist of the candidates’ ID numbers assigned to them in the IRK system.

If your status in the IRK system is „candidate”, please check the ranking lists after each admission board meeting to see if your ID number is on the list. You can see a detailed schedule of the admission board's meetings together with descriptions of steps to take during each stage of the application period here:

If your status in the IRK system is „pending”, it means that even though you have not been admitted during this meeting of the admission board, there is still a chance you will be admitted during next meeting. Please keep checking next published lists of conditionally accepted candidates to see if you have been accepted. Please remember that there will be several meetings of the admission board during the application process and your application will be considered during each meeting until there is a final decision.

Please note that the ranking lists are published on the University’s website for information purposes only and are not legally binding. Only ranking lists published on the noticeboards in front of deaneries of particular faculties are binding.