If you would like to study at Wroclaw Medical University, make sure to read the requirements and admission schedules for the upcoming application period, as well as the information clause concerning the processing your personal data. Then, register in the Online Registration System IRK. Online registration is mandatory for all candidates applying for studies. You can apply for multiple study programs during multiple application periods using one account. The process of registration is explained below.

From the moment the online registration is open until its closure you can repeatedly log into your IRK account and change or correct the data you have entered (except for your identification data – make sure to enter it correctly the first time, otherwise you will need help changing it). After the registration is closed, you can request access to edit your data by sending an e-mail to the Admission Office from the same e-mail address that was used to create your account.

If at the time of applying you are still under 18 years of age, in order to participate in the application process you need to upload a parental/legal guardian form signed by your legal guardian and your birth certificate/document establishing custody with your guardian’s data.

Please note that incorrect or incomplete registration in the IRK system will have consequences. Any inconsistency between the data entered into the system and the contents of the submitted documents may result in your removal from the list of candidates eligible for admission. Incomplete applications will not be considered during Admission Board meetings.

In case of telecommunications network failure or temporary overload of our servers the University is not responsible for the lack of access to the system and subsequent failure to register or edit information in the system.



Please make sure to read the following information:


Note: if you would like for your personal data to be deleted from the University’s system, you should first resign from all study programs you were applying for.



You can access the IRK system directly by clicking the orange button on the right side at the top of the page or using the following link:

In order to register, you should:

  • type in your e-mail and password,
  • select the type of high school graduation certificate you have,
  • fill in the registration form and check if all data is correct,
  • select your citizenship and, if you are not Polish, select one option describing your legal status,
  • read the information on personal data processing and consent to the University managing your data,
  • save the entered data,
  • log into your e-mail account and click the activation link in order to access your IRK account.



Log into your IRK account by entering your e-mail and password. Once you are logged in:

  • fill in your personal information in the 'personal details’ tab,
  • upload your photo, similar to the one in your ID or passport and meeting the system’s requirements (if there are any issues with adjusting the size of the photo, you can use the application in the 'ID photo’ tab in the IRK system),
  • fill in information about your high school and your diploma in the 'education’ tab,
  • select the studies you want to apply for. Remember, you can apply for all study programs available during the time of your application.

Entering incorrect or incomplete data will result in an error message. Next stages of registration will be unavailable until you enter the data correctly. Once the data is correct, the tab will change color from red to green. After filling out information in each tab, please remember to click 'save’ before moving on to the next one – otherwise you might have to enter your data again.



Go to the 'attach documents’ tab and upload scans of the documents required by the University, in particular:

  • high school graduation certificate with the transcript of grades, original and translated to Polish,
  • application form – you can find it in the next tab, 'print outs’
  • English language certificate – if not required, upload the document that exempts you from having to provide one
  • passport or ID card – you can use an ID card only from EU/EFTA countries, otherwise, you need to upload your passport scan. Make sure to upload the same document which data you entered in the first tab
  • eligibility certificate – stating that the diploma gives the candidate the right to apply for higher education in the country of issue. Required from students with diplomas issued in countries not belonging to the OECD, EU, EFTA, Ukraine, if that information is not included on the diploma itself.
  • parental/legal guardian form (if required).

The Admission Office will verify the uploaded documents and confirm them in the system. You can check each document’s status by looking at the 'verified’ box to the right of the document – the red 'no’ will turn into a green 'yes’ right after the confirmation. The verification process can sometimes take a few days and some documents might be confirmed sooner than others. In justified cases, the Admission Office can ask for additional documents – for example, an eligibility certificate.

In case you do not have access to all of your documents yet, you can upload some of them, complete next steps, and go back to this one once you are ready.



The application fee amounts to 85 PLN. You can transfer it either through a bank transfer or through our online payment option. You can find all information required for the transfer such as the bank account number, SWIFT code, IBAN, etc. in the 'payment’ tab. As soon as your payment is credited to the University account, the tab will automatically turn green and the amount due will reset to zero. Bank transfers can take some time, so if the tab does not turn green immediately, it is not a cause for concern. If the transfer is taking longer than it should, please contact your bank.

Note: do not transfer more than one application fee to the same bank account. A separate bank account number is generated for each study program you apply for.

In case you do not have an account in PLN, you can also pay in other currency such as USD or EUR and your payment will be converted to PLN on the University’s account. Please note that the University is not responsible for the exchange rates or bank transfer fees. The amount on the bank account has to cover the 85 PLN fee. If there is an underpayment, the fee is not considered as paid and the application is not complete.

REMEMBER! Failure to make a payment, late payment, payment of less than 85 PLN, or payment made to another bank account of the University will result in the candidate not being accepted for further stages of the admission process.



The tuition fee can be paid in one, two, or four installments. In case you decide to pay in two or four instalments, the overall fee will increase accordingly by 2.5% or 3.5%. You need to read the agreement about payment available in the 'print outs’ tab, select the way you would like to pay the fee, and then confirm you agree to the conditions stated in the agreement about payment. Once you select the number of instalments, the correct memorandum of understanding to the agreement about payment will become available in the 'print outs’ tab.

Remember that the first payment should be transferred within 14 days after your status change to 'conditionally accepted’, no matter the number of instalments.



Once all information is filled, the application fee is paid and the scans of the documents are submitted, the tabs will change colors from red to green and you will be able to submit your application. From that moment on, the applicant with 'registered’ status will wait until their status change to 'candidate’.

Please note that the status change does not happen automatically after you submit your application. The Admission Office changes your status into 'candidate’ after confirming your documents and data.

All applicants with 'candidate’ status are considered for admission during the Admission Board meetings. You can check the admission schedule to confirm dates of the meetings. After each meeting, the Admission Board announces a list of conditionally accepted candidates. The lists use candidates’ ID numbers from the IRK system instead of names and are published on the University’s admission website and put on the notice boards in front of the Dean’s Office.

If you were not on the shortlist of conditionally accepted candidates, but your status has been changed from 'candidate’ to 'pending’, make sure to check the following lists – you can still be accepted during the next Admission Board meetings.

All information about the stages of admission process and changes of status are sent to the candidate’s e-mail address and can be checked in their IRK profile. You can see the meaning of each status HERE.

Note: Lists published on the website are not legally binding. Only lists on the notice boards in front of the Dean’s Office are binding. Message about the application process result sent in the IRK system is not an administrative decision.

In case several candidates achieve the same number of points for admission, but the admission limits for a particular study program do not allow to admit all of them, the candidate with higher score in Biology will be admitted first. If Biology scores are also the same, results in Chemistry will be compared next. If despite this process number of candidates eligible for admission would still be bigger than admission limits allow, the Admission Board will admit smaller number of candidates.




If you received information about your status changing to 'conditionally accepted’, check if your ID number is on the shortlist of conditionally admitted candidates. Candidates on the shortlist receive:

1. information on being admitted to the next stage of the application process;
2. decision about conditional admission to the studies (in case of foreigners) or information concerning the conditional entry of students on the shortlist (in case of Polish citizens).

The candidates included in the shortlists are obliged to:

1. read the information sent to them,

2. pay the tuition fee,

3. submit originals of the documents uploaded to the IRK system to the Admission Office (address: Mikulicza-Radeckiego 4a, 50-345 Wroclaw, Poland).


Information about deadlines for meeting the requirements will be sent directly to the conditionally accepted candidates. It can also be checked in the admission schedule.


If the above requirements are not met before the deadline, it is considered that the candidate resigned from the studies, which will result in the removal of the candidate from the shortlist of conditionally admitted candidates and in change of the status to „not admitted”.

NOTE: if you have been admitted to more than one study program, select one, inform the Admission Office about your decision, and resign from other study programs you have been admitted to.



In case there are free places due to resignation of previously accepted candidates, second application period will open. If you were not included on any of the shortlists and your status in the system has been changed to 'not accepted’ after the first application period, you can still participate in the second application period. You can find all information about planned schedules HERE.


Candidates who apply for the first time during the second application period follow the usual registration in the IRK system as described above. Candidates who participated in the first application period but were not accepted should once more select the field of study they are applying for and upload scans of the required documents. Candidates who were not accepted due to not achieving the required number of points during the first application period do not need to pay the application fee again unless they are applying for a study field different than during the first application period. On the other hand, candidates who were not accepted for different reasons (not submitting documents in time, resignation, etc.) need to pay the fee again.

New shortlists of conditionally admitted candidates will be published during the second application period only in case there are free places due to resignation of previously accepted candidates.

In case no new shortlists would be published, the application fee for the second application period will be reimbursed after the second application period if the applicant submits a reimbursement request to the Admission Board no later than by 29 October 2023.




You can resign from the studies during any part of the admission process. Please note that resignation is not reversible. You can submit your resignation directly through the IRK system. You can also:

– send a signed resignation form from the e-mail used to create your IRK account,

– submit the resignation form in person

– have an authorized person submit your resignation.

If you have been conditionally accepted, but are not interested in starting the studies, let us know as soon as you can – this way, we can contact interested candidates faster.

Sample declaration of resignation



The candidates (Polish citizens) who participated in the application process and whose final examination (matura) score for a given subject or subjects was revised due to an appeal and increased to the number of points that make the candidate eligible for admission to a given field of study may take part in supplementary application.

In order to do so, a candidate for studies, after receiving a document revising the number of points to make them eligible for admission, is obliged to:

  • submit in person a written request to the Admission Board to participate in the supplementary application,
  • submit the document confirming the corrected score, issued by the District Examination Board (Okręgowa Komisja Edukacyjna, OKE),
  • meet other requirements included in the relevant Appendix to the admission conditions and in the admission schedule for the current academic year.

After all the requirements have been met, the candidate may be admitted to the first year of studies in the relevant field within the applicable limits.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.


If you did not find an answer to your question, please go to FAQ or contact the Admission Office either through the 'Ask a question’ tab or e-mail: