Decision about admission is based on grades on secondary school graduation certificate. There are no entrance exams or interviews.


Admission requires submitting results from two subjects:



Biology is mandatory. Among Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, only one subject is required. The subjects can be passed at any level, but results from most advanced levels are multiplied by 1,5.

After a candidate submits their certificate, their grades in relevant subjects are converted to points. The candidate can achieve a maximum of 300 points – 150 for Biology and 150 for Chemistry or Physics or Mathematics. Candidates for Medicine and Dentistry in English need to achieve at least 30 points for each subject and at least 100 points in total. Candidates who do not meet those requirements are not eligible for admission. Exact conversion rules are explained HERE on pages 2-4.

In case several candidates achieve the same number of points for admission, but the admission limits for a particular study program do not allow to admit all of them, the candidate with higher score in Biology will be admitted first. If despite this process number of candidates eligible for admission would still exceed the admission limits, the Admission Board will admit smaller number of candidates.


Other than the secondary school graduation certificate, the candidate needs to submit the following documents:

– English language certificate (list of accepted certificates HERE),

– application form generated from the IRK system,

– passport or other personal ID,

– parental/legal guardian consent form (required only for students under 18 years of age),

– eligibility certificate (if the secondary school certificate was issued in a country not belonging to the EU/EFTA/OECD).

Learn more about required documents HERE.

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