About the University


Wroclaw Medical University offers studies in 10 fields of study in Polish and 2 in English. For postgraduate students, we offer Doctoral School. We aim to provide our students with the best possible learning and development conditions.The modern premises of the Scientific Medical Information centre are bustling with activity. Candidates for doctors, nurses, midwifes and paramedics master their practical skills at the University Teaching Hospital. Dentistry students use professionally equipped dental offices of the Academic Dental Polyclinic at Krakowska street. Reading rooms, quiet study rooms, an event-friendly lobby and the cafeteria are the centre of activity in that part of the campus. More than 10,000 people use the resources of our library per year. Students also have a number of modern laboratories at their disposal – the complex at Borowska Street is particularly worth mentioning in this respect. This is where future pharmacists and medical analysts get their first laboratory training.

centrum symulacji medycznej
Wydział Farmaceutyczny z Oddziałem Analityki Medycznej

The strategy of Wroclaw Medical University defines the key values of the University – those are:

Pasja – Passion
Odwaga – Courage
Współpraca – Cooperation
Empatia – Empathy
Rzetelność – Reliability

They define our system of operation. Passion is inherent in medicine and it cannot develop without courage and cooperation based on empathy that must guide our actions. Reliability is the framework of fact-based science for our passion.


This is a breakthrough in our teaching. The historic interiors of the 19th-century building house state-of-the-art simulators. In the high-fidelity rooms, students gain their first training and put their skills to the test in the operating theatre, delivery room or ambulance. A great advantage of the Medical Simulation Centre is the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams – future doctors, nurses or midwives have to face not only the medical challenge but also learn to work together. Here, they master the most difficult and risky procedures without fear for the health and lives of their patients. The simulators brought to the Medical Simulation Centre faithfully reflect the reality of childbirth, heart attack or general anaesthesia.

Centrum Symulacji Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu
Centrum Symulacji Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu
centrum symulacji medycznej

The strength of our hospital is its interdisciplinarity. Here, patients receive comprehensive care, which includes the most complex procedures such as heart or kidney transplants. The teams at the University Teaching Hospital are not only excellent doctors, nurses, physiotherapists or paramedics but also scientists and academic teachers. Often, based on scientific research, they use innovative treatment techniques.

4,700 people watch over the life and health of our patients on a daily basis.

The Medical Centre covers an area of more than 15 hectares, there are almost 1,700 beds, 39 clinics at ul. Borowska and in the so-called medical campus at ul. Curie-Skłodowska 34; Also, there are branches of the University Teaching Hospital at ul. Wrocławska in Strzelin. The University Teaching Hospital offers Medical Air Rescue service, an operating theatre with 21 rooms, diagnostic rooms and a laboratory.


The University Teaching Hospital constantly develops – our cardiology unit is a centre at the European level, the hemato-oncologists implement CAR T-cell therapy, and the team of anesthesiologists has pushed the boundaries of the impossible many times.

The supra-regional Centre for Pediatric Oncology “Cape of Hope” is held up as a model throughout Europe. The youngest patients are treated with great success in the spacious, colourful and well-equipped rooms. The team at the Centre achieves excellent results. „Cape of Hope” is among the European leaders in terms of the number of bone marrow transplants performed in children.

The hospital is getting ready for further investments. It is planned to invest in the Paediatrics Institute and develop robotics.

położnictwo Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu

Interdisciplinarity and responding to the needs of modern medicine – those are the scientific priorities of Wroclaw Medical University. We understand the need to put our research into practice. The University offers many research grants and performs clinical studies.

The development of young scientists is of great importance for us. For that purpose, we have launched the „University of the Future” Scholarship Programme, which offers additional opportunities – scholarships, extra training and funds for the implementation of projects.

There is also a Doctoral School at the University.

probówki Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu
studenci farmacji Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu
probówki Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu
probówki Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu

People of many talents and great hearts – those are the features of our students and doctoral students. Many of them achieve scientific recognition very soon: they receive Diamond Grants, awards and scholarships, they win competitions. They are active members of numerous student research clubs and organisations, the total number of which at the university is more than 100. The University Student Council plays a special role. Our students are involved in many projects, they conduct research, organise preventive and awareness social campaigns – in nursery schools, schools, shopping centres; sometimes even in the cinemas, they try to capture the attention of the citizens of Wroclaw and encourage them to focus on their health and undergo medical examinations. During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, volunteers from the University supported medical personnel at the Temporary Hospital and many other units where there was a shortage of manpower. They constructed face shields, prepared face masks and helped in many other ways; for their work, they received the „30 Creative Citizens of Wroclaw” and „Young Talents” awards in the category of social activity.


dzień otwarty Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu
studentki położnictwa, pasja życia na Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu

Teddy Bear Hospital the IFMSA-Poland students use teddy bears to help children get used to doctors, tests and illnesses. The children participate in diagnosis, suggest solutions and ways of treatment. As a result, they are much less afraid of the white coat later on, and have a better understanding of the need for injections.

Consult a Pharmacist – during the event, organised in shopping centres by the members of the Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association on a regular basis, the residents of Wroclaw have an opportunity to consult a pharmacist and have their blood pressure, blood glucose level or body fat measured. The purpose of the campaign is to raise public awareness of civilisation diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which may affect many of us and our family members.

Szpital Pluszowego Misia, IFMSA-Poland O. Wrocław, Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu
studentki położnictwa, pasja życia na Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu

Nowadays, science knows no boundaries, we provide numerous opportunities for our students and employees to exchange experiences internationally. We coordinate scholarship programmes that give doctoral students and young researchers a unique opportunity to complete a several-month internship abroad. The University has signed 34 cooperation agreements with higher education institutions abroad, which are excellent research and teaching centres. As part of bilateral agreements, we also organise summer student internships, e.g. in the USA, Germany, Romania and Georgia. Since 1998, the University participates in the ERASMUS+ Programme. Every year a large group (approximately 200 people) of our students and employees benefit from the opportunity to study and work at other universities in the world. As part of the ERASMUS + Programme, people from abroad also come to visit the University (approximately 120 people annually), the largest groups of which are from Spain, Portugal and Italy. We are one of the most popular universities for foreign students in Poland, thanks to which we are currently ranked 1st out of 11 medical universities and 40th out of 207 universities implementing the programme. Apart from a solid dose of medical knowledge, we prepare various attractions for students from abroad – team-building events or trips, to allow them to get to know Wroclaw and the rest of the country better.

erasmus day, uniwersytet medyczny we Wrocławiu, położnictwo
erasmus day, uniwersytet medyczny we Wrocławiu,

Since 2003, we offer Medicine and Dentistry studies in English at our English Division. Every year, we admit more than 150 international students from all around the world.

operacja Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu

Our graduates can develop their scientific careers within the Doctoral School or further their education by enrolling on the postgraduate courses offered by the various departments.

Age is not a limit for us either. We have been successful in prompting seniors to enrol. Our University of the Third Age is very popular. The topics related to health, diseases of the elderly, pharmacological and psychological issues that our students can study meet with great interest.